About Us

Urban Buzz is a beeswax candle company located in Akron, Ohio, created in October of 2014 by Kaley Foster.  All of our candles are hand poured in Downtown Akron and contain only the purest beeswax from local Ohio apiaries.  Our workshop is located inside the newly renovated Cascade Lofts, previously a rubber and tire factory built in 1904.  However, we are not open to the public.  Being a 6th generation Akronite, and coming from a family of rubber workers, we are thrilled to be able to have our workshop located in a former tire factory. 

Sure, our job is to make the highest quality candle out there, but we also view it as much more than that.  We are passionate about engaging with our customers, while providing inspiration and motivation to our community, thus creating a more vibrant, thriving and engaged Akron.  

If you're an Akronite, you know what we're talking about.  If you've never visited, we highly recommend you give us a try.  We're a city of thinkers and doers, passionate about creating a city of innovation while paying tribute to our rich history.

Questions?  Call 330-957-0006 or e-mail info@urbnbuzz.com