4 oz. Aromatherapy Tins

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4 oz. Aromatherapy Tins - Urban Buzz

Our aromatherapy tins are hand poured and contain 100% natural Ohio beeswax, a cotton wick and pure essential oils.  No synthetic blends, dyes or perfumes are used.  Beeswax candles burn longer and cleaner than any other candle wax.  Our tins make a great gift that is safe for the entire family.

4 oz. / 25-30 hour burn time / 7 scents available

Burning Instructions

- Light the candle at the base of where the wick meets the wax – this will allow the cotton wick to catch flame entirely.

- Keep wick trimmed to ¼ of an inch.

- To avoid tunneling, allow the wax pool to reach the outer edge of the tin during the initial burn.

- If you notice the wick is leaning more towards one side, use a metal instrument to help the wick center itself again. This will help the candle burn evenly.

$ 12.00