Our Story

Since 2014, Urban Buzz has specialized in handcrafting pure beeswax candles. After trying many popular commercial candle brands over the years, I noticed most of them were strongly scented and left me with a headache. When researching candle ingredients, I learned that many of these candle brands were using harsh chemicals including known human carcinogens such as toluene. While researching and reading numerous articles, beeswax was always listed as the safest, healthiest candle wax. While burning, beeswax candles purify the air, helping allergy-sufferers to breathe easier (this really hit home for me). In November of 2014, I poured my first batch of candles and gave them out as Christmas presents. That first pour sparked an evolving path leading to curiosity and enlightenment. 

Today, all beeswax candles are dreamed up, hand poured, labeled, packaged, and shipped out of our Akron workshop, ensuring a high-quality product in every batch. Our main goal and mission has always been to craft candles containing only the purest of ingredients, which is why each and every candle is free of paraffin, phthalates and any synthetic dyes, perfumes or fragrances. We offer a variety of plain beeswax candles including pillars, tea lights, and votives that give off a lovely honey and nectar scent.

We're glad you found us and have taken the first step to burning cleaner candles.
- Kaley Foster, Founder